Pentingnya Kompetensi Pedagogik dalam Pembelajaran Berbasis Teknologi Informasi

  • Alfina Universitas Aisyah Pringsewu
  • Dwi Yana Ayu Andini Universitas Aisyah Pringsewu
Keywords: Pedagogy, Strategy Learning, Technology Information


The learning process uses interactive digital-based information technology that can improve the
quality of learning, making it easier for students and educators to interact in the learning
process. Giving assignments to students can support the activity of repeating students' subject
matter at home, but the ability to understand pedagogy and the role of the teacher in delivering
material to students is no less important. This type of research used qualitative descriptions
obtained from Information Technology Education students who took learning evaluation
lectures. The data collection instrument was obtained from a questionnaire that had been
distributed to Information Technology Education students. The digital learning process can be
carried out with information technology-based learning, so that learning becomes conducive
and dynamic. One of the learning concepts is to use learning strategies that are carried out by
applying information technology-based pedagogic methods. To make learning conducive and
dynamic, 3 learning strategies are applied, namely: (1) using pedagogic methods appropriately
and correctly by educators; (2) increasing collaboration or collaboration between educators
and students; (3) apply and utilize information technology in learning.