Peran Teknologi Informasi Dalam Pembelajaran Daring Di Era Pandemi Covid 2019

  • Ockhy Jey Fhiter Wassalam Universitas Aisyah Pringsewu
  • Alfina Universitas Aisyah Pringsewu
  • Tresna Yudha Prawira Stmik Muhammadiyah Paguyangan Brebes
Keywords: Technology Information, Learning, Covid-19


The pandemic situation requires the Indonesian people to spend more time at home, limiting
their mobility and interaction with each other to break the chain of virus transmission. People
are asked to work from home, worship at home, and study from home. Various digital
technologies, applications and digital platforms that support learning are helpful during a
pandemic like this. Compared to face-to-face learning, of course, online learning has its
drawbacks, but it also has advantages. This study uses a literature review research method related
to the role of technology in online learning during the Covid-19 period. Information Technology
emphasizes the implementation and processing of data such as capturing, transmitting, storing,
retrieving, manipulating or displaying data using electronic technology devices such as
computers and gadgets. Learning is essentially a transactional communication that is reciprocal
both between educators and students and students with students and the learning environment in
an effort to achieve learning objectives. From the meaning of learning, there is a core meaning
that learning must contain elements of information technology, thus the technology needed in